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Auto Red Book Online
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Find vehicle information and pricing for nearly every car and light truck produced over the last twenty years through the convenience of your Internet browser and ISP.

Search this exhaustive database either through VIN or year-make-model, and you will be sure you are getting the same thorough, up-to-date information that appears in our print and electronic products.

Includes mileage and equipment adjustments.

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The Automobile Red Book

Eleven years of automobile/light truck identification and values containing 40% more models than our competition. Includes VIN identifiers, mileage, options, factory SRP, GVWs and regional classifications.

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The Older Automobile Red Book

Covers automobile/light truck identification for 11 years after the Automobile Red Book with high/low values offering the most complete listing of older vehicles available. Includes VIN identifiers, major options, factory SRP, and GVW.

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Data Extracts
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Price Digests databases have the most extensive selection of vehicle identification and valuation data available. These data extracts allow you to customize the data to fit your individual application. Our data can be zipped and emailed, downloaded from our FTP site, or delivered via an XML -based web service. All files are PC ASCII text with fixed record length.

Our passenger vehicle data is VIN-driven, model specific for passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and light trucks. It includes base model, GVW (for light trucks), finance/wholesale/retail values, MSRP, model/engine/transmission descriptions, brake/restraint system information, shipping weight, passenger capacity and wheelbase.